Miles + Alyss

Guys, this was a special one.  When Miles and Alyss contacted me saying that they wanted me to film their wedding day, it wasn't a typical inquiry. Usually, I want to try to learn some more about the couple and try to start to build a relationship with them.  This one was a little bit easier for me.  I have literally known Miles my entire life.  All the way back to the minor league baseball days and on through high school we were great friends.  I can't count the amount of wins, losses and 6 a.m. workouts we went through together.  After high school we both went on to pursue different sports in college and we lost touch a little bit.  So obviously, I was excited when I found out I was going to be able to film his wedding and get to be a part in one of the biggest days of his life.

Before the wedding Kari and I wanted to grab dinner with Miles and Alyss so I could get to know them as a couple a little bit and it was like we hadn't missed any time at all.  It was clear how much they loved each other and what an amazing person Alyss is, which turned out to be a theme in their film.  Be sure to check it out and scroll down to see some frames from their day as well as a bonus throwback of Miles and I!

These were some of the best toasts that we had heard all year.

At some points it was hard to tell if Brad's speech was a roast or a best man speech but when he started to fight back some tears everybody could see how genuine his friendship with Miles is.

Here is a little league pic from WAY back in the day.  I think we were probably about 12.  I'm on the bottom left and Miles is in the top row, third one in from the left.  My dad and his dad used to help coach a lot of our little league and traveling baseball teams.  Hard to believe that was over 15 years ago!