Abby + Bryce

Abby and Bryce's wedding was the first morning wedding I had ever shot.  It was pretty cool to arrive just before sunrise and to be able to use the amazing morning light as we went through the groom and bridal prep.  

If you don't know Abby or Bryce then there is one thing that this film will show you.  This couple and the people around them absolutely love the Lord.  Their wedding was more of a time of worship than a traditional ceremony.  It was pretty cool to experience.  

My favorite part of the day was when Bryce and Abby stepped aside after their first look to do a foot washing.  They were literally on their hands and knees washing each others feet in their brand new suit and bright white wedding dress.  What an act of service as they were preparing to start their journey together as husband and wife.  Be sure to check out the film and scroll down to see a few frames from their day.

The morning light for their first look was amazing.

These girls win the award for cutest flower girls of the year.

Abby's Dad delivered an awesome speech, touching on how Bryce and Abby met online and how thankful he is to now have him as a part of his family.

Congrats to Bryce and Abby!