Eryn + Riley

When Eryn first e-mailed me about the possibility of shooting her wedding, I couldn't wait to jump on the opportunity!  It was my first time shooting at the Statehouse and it didn't disappoint.

Everything about Eryn and Riley's big day was special.  Their notes, their gifts, the toasts from some of their closest friends, their retelling of how they first met...  But my favorite thing about the whole day was how involved their kids were.  They even took time out of their ceremony so that Riley could give Emmalyn a necklace letting her know how much he loved her and that he would always be there for her.  Seeing these two commit themselves to one another was an absolute honor and I'm so glad that I was able to be a part of it.  Scroll down to see some frames from the day and be sure to watch the video!

Congrats to Riley and Eryn!!! (and Emmalyn and Owen!)