We believe there is only one way to thrive in this industry

and that is to share what we know.

Here is a quick look at the tools that I use to tell my stories.


The Canon C100 is my workhorse.  My second shooter and I make this our main camera on a wedding day.

This is the Kessler Stealth slider in the traveler length.  I like having a shorter slider.  It wouldn't be ideal for time-lapse photography but for lugging around on a wedding day the compact form factor is key and I can still get the slider shots I need.

The Rode VideoMic Pro's are perfect for wedding filmmaking.  I put one on each of the C100's.  They are great for capturing audio throughout the day and I will even use them in a pinch for critical audio like a letter reading.

Some things that I always make sure to carry extras of on a wedding day.  Be sure to have some medical tape with you.  You almost always need tape when you are putting a lav on somebody and medical tape guarantees no skin irritation.

The DJI RoninM and the Canon Mark III are a perfect match for me. The RoninM delivers extremely smooth footage and in a compact, lightweight form factor.  Perfect for wedding filmmaking. 

These are my go to lenses.  A 100mm, 50mm, and 24mm.  We carry several other lenses and each one is important for the way we film, but these lenses are on my camera most of the day.

These are my main camera stabilizers.  Benro tripods with S6 fluid heads and a Benro monopod with an S4 fluid head.  Most of the day I am shooting with my C100 on the monopod.

This is my kit for capturing good clean audio throughout the day.  I use mostly wired Lav's when possible and the Rode SmartLav is my favorite.  The Zoom H5 recorder is great for recording house sound out of their sound board if available. 

The Fiilex P360 light is my go to for poorly lit receptions.  It's an LED so I don't have to worry about it getting hot and you can control both the power output and the color temperature of the light.

The drone.  What more do I need to say.